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Oso mudslide This is what is left of the highway running through the

Oso mudslide This is what is left of the highway running through the


oso mudslide: This is what is left of the highway running through the slide zone

March 2016: The North Fork Stillaguamish flows past

OSO, WASH. — The completion of mudslide debris removal along SR 530 on Friday was a milestone for Snohomish County.

A drive on Highway 530 through Oso mudslide

'Disaster Inside Of A Disaster,' The Closure Of Highway 530

A flag stands in the ruins of a home left at the end of a deadly

A mudslide along Highway 530, near Oso, sent a massive section of this hill

Highway 530 is seen Thursday at the Oso landslide site. Since the disaster nearly two

Christine Brown takes a photograph near the entrance to the former Steelhead Haven in Oso, Wash.

Hundreds of Oso, Darrington and Arlington residents walk on state Route 530 before the highway

Mudslide closes Highway 530 near Oso through Monday morning

The Oso landslide killed 43 people. Credit: GEER team.

2014 Oso mudslide | ... of a deadly mudslide, torn loose from the

File:Oso Mudslide 29 March 2014 aerial view 3.jpg

In this March 24, 2014, file photo, the massive mudslide that killed 43 people in the community of Oso, Wash., is viewed from the air.

Update 3 | #Oso Mudslide Being Assessed | Washington

'Slow-moving slide' near Oso prompts recommended evacuations, closure of SR 530 | Q13 FOX News

An American flag found in the debris hangs at half-staff on a single standing

Image: 2014 Landslide in Washington State

Emergency vehicles fill State Route 530 leading to the scene of the landslide in Oso on

Huestis lost her daughter, Sanoah Violet Huestis, and her mother, Christina Jefferds, in the mudslide.

Cars sit at Steelhead Drive, looking out at the landslide site next to a memorial

... by Noah Haglund · Local NewsDarringtonOsoOso mudslide

... Local NewsOsoOso mudslide

On March 22nd, a forested hillside northeast of Seattle broke away and sent a mile of mud towards the rural community of Oso. The results were utterly ...

A house is seen destroyed in the mud on Highway 530 next to mile marker 37

Highway in Washington reopens after deadly Oso mudslide - BC | Globalnews.ca

Washington State Highway 530 prior to the 2014 Oso mudslide

Landslide and structural debris blocks Highway 530 near Oso, Washington.

A Year Later, Washington Town Hit By Devastating Mudslide Still Recovering | HuffPost

Dayn Brunner, right, and his son Riley Brunner, left, pose for a

Interpreted landslide zone map. Map of the Oso ...

Geologists say a landslide has caused this slope near Oso to drop 4 feet since Tuesday

north Cascades National Park Oso landslide Mount Baker volcano glacier lake Washington pass copyright rocdoctravel.

Workers put erosion-prevention measures in place above the rebuilt road between Darrington, Wash

Washington Reaches $50 Million Settlement in 2014 Oso Mudslide That Killed 43

State Route 530 near site of slow-moving landslide reopens. OSO ...

A new sign was hung by Oso resident Ron Thompson on a gate leading to a

State settles Oso mudslide lawsuit for $50 million

It's been three years since I received the phone call about a mudslide over Washington State Highway 530 also know as the Arlington Darrington Road.

Mounds of dirt, some with pools of rainwater between them, sit in front of. The landslide ...

Flood waters caused by the Oso mudslide cover Washington Highway 530 on March 29, 2014

BACK TO OSO AND DARRINGTON 3 Years after the landslide. Checking in on old friends

Oso Mudslide 29 March 2014 aerial view 1.jpg

Washington State troopers turn back a resident from the area of a massive landslide on Highway 530, approximately 2 miles (3.2km) from the slide on March 24 ...

Mudslide Witness: There Were 'Belongings All Over The Road'

Beyond90Seconds.com has obtained new pictures of the devastation caused by Saturday's catastrophic mudslide near Oso.

Widespread: The scale of the devastating Oso mudslide can be seen from this satellite image

Disaster Zone - Oso Landslide Recovery

SR 530, destroyed by Oso mudslide, reopens today

A house lies in the debris along Highway 530 on March 23, 2014, the

Some of the first cars to drive on a newly reopened state Highway 530 make their way along the road near Oso on Saturday.

Extent of the Mudslide

Workers dig at a much drier mudslide site on the west side at the west site

Waiting for the pilot car. Oso mudslide visible in the distance. Undamaged home in trees at right.


Workers search the debris that flowed across Highway 530 in the mudslide near Oso, Washington

The site of the tragic Oso mudslide in March 2018. (Hanna Scott, KIRO Radio)

Aerial image of the Oso landslide on April 13, 2014.

A panoramic view shows the clearing of state Route 530 through Oso after the landslide (left) buried it under layers of mud on March 22, 2014. The highway ...

The Oso tree that withstood the mudslide finally comes down

Darrington firefighter Pam Fritchman on Thursday walks among cedar trees planted to honor victims of the

Jason Anderson searches through rubble for bodies on Cory Kuntz's property near Highway 530 Sunday afternoon. The Kuntz family had gone to a baseball game ...

Use the slider in these interactive images to compare the scene of the devastating Oso mudslide almost exactly one year after the tragedy.

A bouquet of flowers left for the deceased sits perched on the seat of a damaged

Extent of the Mudslide

Flickr Photo/GovInslee (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Annotated lidar map of the Oso landslide. The red shaded area shows the Oso landslide. Credit: GEER team.

Searchers walk into the scene of a deadly mudslide that covers the road, Wednesday,

The construction company that rebuilt a section of Highway 530 after the deadly 2014 mudslide in Oso is donating land to Snohomish County.

Oso residents evacuate after slow-moving landslide Friday night

In view of the Oso mudslide, a bell ceremony is conducted during a gathering for

A general view of the breach where water from the Stillaguamish River is beginning to move

Members of the Washington National Guard work waist deep at the Oso mudslide area. They

Rescue workers use chainsaws and other tools to dig through a tangle of trees and mud

osolandslide_pho_2014082. osolandslide4_pho_2014082_lrg. osolandslide2_pho_2014082. osolandslide3_pho_2014082_lrg

AFP and BBC are reporting that floods have killed 38 people in Kahama district, Shinyanga

A) Photo of the Oso landslide, taken January 29, 2015. Dashed white

This is the view right now on Highway 20, where a rainbow ends in the

Flood waters caused by the Oso mudslide block a private driveway near Washington Highway 530 on

A landslide in Oso, Washington, killed 43 people on March 22, 2014.

Caption. This is the site of the Oso landslide, visited by ...

People wander through the debris field Sunday, March 22, 2015, on the one

State's experts destroyed Oso mudslide records, lawyers say

Flickr Photo/Washington State DNR (CC-BY-NC-ND)

A crane hoists the upper portion of a Sitka spruce during its removal at the Oso mudslide site on Saturday, Sept. 16. (Ian Terry / The Herald)

Oso mudslide aftermath

Collapse: The Oso Mudslide and the Community That Survived It | Seattle Met

Sunday marks the one year anniversary of the deadly Oso landslide.SPC. MATTHEW SISSEL

Search-and-rescue workers look for survivors March 25 in the aftermath of a mudslide in Oso, Wash. (Photo: David Ryder, Getty Images)

OSO Washington Landslide - driving through

Oso Washington Landslide Site 2/5/2017

Highway 530 near Oso will open Saturday as a single-lane road for the first time since the fatal mudslides on March 22. Workers spent nearly four weeks ...

... on Highway 530 as work to clear debris from the roadway left behind from a deadly mudslide continues behind, Wednesday, April 2, 2014, in Oso, Wash.