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Using the daffodil template below cut out the shape from the

Using the daffodil template below cut out the shape from the


Using the daffodil template below, cut out the shape from the decorative paper with scissors. Description from lecraftyfrog.co.uk.

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Cutting spring shapes - daffodil

Push the “half petal” part with the glue under the petal on it's left. This will create a flower shape.

Step 1 - Cut out the shapes

DIY Paper Daffodils with a Free Printable Template

The daffodil is a sunny, easygoing flower, so it seems fitting that it comes together quickly with little stress and a lot of bang for your flower- making ...

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Paper Flower Daffodil

How to Make Paper Daffodils - step by step tutorial



You and your kids can make this one picture perfect by using our template (you can grab it at the ...

Introduction: How to Make Paper Daffodils and Narcissi!

Apply a small amount of glue on the “half petal” shape.

bouquet with leaves

First, cut the pattern out of yellow felt, using pinking shears where indicated.


Paper Daffodil_Incidental_1_IMG_7860

How To: Paper Daffodils

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How to Assemble the Cricut Daffodil - Final Daffodil Assembled


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Since I am obviously in a bit of a yellow mood, what with the lemon cakes and lemon curd, I thought I would share with you my method for making wired ...

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POP UP DAFFODIL CRAFT - A simple Spring craft perfect for Easter or Mother's Day too

This daffodil card is made using our 7th template in the Flower Card Series, which is now available on the Card Template pages. This six petalled flower can ...

Sunny Side Up Butterfly Daffodil

Using light green florist tape, cut the end of the tape into a point. Stretch the tape and put the point of the tape over the back of the daffodil like ...

Paper Daffodil_Steps_8_IMG_7859

Things to make and do - art: a daffodil flower


Attractive Daffodil Template Printable Component - Example Resume .

15 Example Leaf Cut Outs Templates

Paper Daffodil_Steps_5_IMG_7846

Add two more petals, making sure to space them evenly around the trumpet. Add the remaining three petals in the gaps between the first three.

Use links below to save image.

Things to make and do - art: a daffodil flower

Paper Daffodil_Steps_4_IMG_7845

Educational Egg Carton Daffodils *So cute. Pinning this for later.

The daffodils are already coloured yellow, but to add shading I dusted a little yellow food dust onto the outer petals with an inward stroke.

Paper Daffodil_Steps_6_IMG_7850

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Grab the sides of the tip of each petal with two fingers and squeeze it. This will make a nice textured pointy tip.


daffodil wreath for springtime and st david's day with daffodil template and heart wreath template

Paper Flower Daffodil ...

Sit or glue mini cup cake cases on the cut out daffodil shapes.

Now to make the inner petals. Take the spiral and start rolling it from from it's outer side towards the center.

Paper Daffodil_Steps_1_IMG_7829

The stamens are the small parts that sit around the pistil in the centre of the flower. Start by making a ...

Roll out the yellow flower paste, but leave a ridge through the centre of what will be the petal. Push a 28# wire into the ridge and place onto the petal ...

Paper Daffodils in wood base

so may lovely things with this set I think it is so versatile, I really hope you will agree with me. To make the daffodil:- cut out five shapes ...


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Picture of Let's Make It! Stem and center. Cut a ...

Using a large flat brush, brush the coloured confectioner's glaze over the leaf with large, long strokes, from the back to the front.

how to make a paper daffodil wreath by MJ of Pars Caeli

Roll out some yellow coloured flower paste very thin, then use the frilly veiner. Place the paste into the veiner, place the other half of the veiner on top ...

Use template H to cut a stalk from your olive doublette crepe. Make sure that the grain of the paper runs up and down the long side of the template.


To make narcissus, use the smallest template set to make multiple tiny daffodils. I prefer a lighter 20 gauge wire for these. For each flower, wrap the ...

As you reach the center, apply a small amount o glue to the end of the spiral and push it under the rolled “flower”. Hold together for a while for the glue ...

To make the daffodil:- cut out five shapes as shown below, in a pale lemon then 1 bell shape in a slightly darker yellow, 1 stalk in green and two leaf ...

Then pinch the bottom of the petal to gather it. (The dotted line on the petal template shows where you should pinch.) While still holding the base area ...

daffodil wreath and template, springtime wreath

Colorful Easter Wreath

I've been hard at work trying different ways to make paper daffodils…making templates, an outline, photos, videos….more videos….and did I mention mistakes?

Visit to WF Leenen | Daffodil Narcissus Grower | Holex Flower

Use the template to cut out the layering pieces from red paper. Paper works best with this project, to get the effect on the leaves but you could use card ...

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When you have cut out your pieces, rub around the edges of each flower with Spiced Marmalade Distressed Ink. You can be as liberal as you like as stronger ...

Adorable Egg Carton Daffodil Kids Craft *Love these flower windtails.