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PLA infantrymen marching through Tiananmen Square in t

PLA infantrymen marching through Tiananmen Square in t


Enlisted infantrymen of the Chinese People's Liberation Army marching through Tiananmen Square in the 1955 Chinese National Day Parade.

PLA infantrymen marching through Tiananmen Square in the 1999 Chinese National Day Parade.

Soviet Army staff officers and cadets of 6th Company of the Baku Higher Combined Arms School

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Langya Mountain Five Heroes' Brigade led by Major Generals Zhang

Border guardsmen of the Hungarian State Protection Authority (ÁVH) marching through Procession Square in

Soviet Soldiers dressed in WWII wartime uniforms and carrying vintage sub-machine guns marching through Red Square in the 1985 Moscow Victory Day Parade.

Soviet Army staff officers and cadets of the 1st Company of the Baku Higher Combine Arms

The PLA Honor Guard Company march through Tiananmen Square in the 2009 Chinese National Day Parade

Soviet Army officers-scholars of the Lenin Political-Military Academy marching through Red Square


Chinese soldiers march during a parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender during World War II in front of Tiananmen Gate in Beijing, ...

Officers and Guardsmen of the Russian Armed Forces' Preobrazhensky Independent Commandant's Regiment marching through Tiananmen Square in Beijing at the ...

Funny story: one of my cousins recently immigrated to Canada, and he was telling our family a story about how he got a free sticker that looked like this ...

PLA Air Force pilots marching through Tiananmen Square in the 1999 Chinese National Day Parade.

PLA soldiers celebrate their victory over UN forces in the Korean War


BEIJING, CHINA - JANUARY 24, 2017: The chinese soldiers on duty time to

Afghan National Army soldiers march during a military exercise on Oct. 17. (Shah

Since China hasn't been involved in a war for the last few decades, most Chinese people's exposure to their army is through stories of disaster relief like ...

Chinese soldiers get the short end of the stick on almost every aspect of their kit. Their helmets are steel, not Kevlar; steel is considerably weaker ...

A Chinese paramilitary police officer Guards at Tiananmen Square in Beijing China. - Stock Image

A handcuffed man is led by Chinese soldiers on a street in Beijing on 14 June 1989 as the authorities looked to prosecute and punish anyone connected with ...

It is extremely disconcerting to watch as Trump's supporters constantly insist that he's not a fascist or that he doesn't worship totalitarian leaders, ...

Chinese soldiers do early morning PT exercises in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China - Stock

TIANANMEN SQUARE, BEIJING CHINA, MARCH 14 2017: chinese soldiers march between the tourist

Tank Man

Minnie Chan

I don't know the real identity of the Tank Man. There's a rumour that his name is Wang Weilin, but no one really knows. Who he was before becoming the Tank ...

Students on hunger strike in 1989.


Chinese YJ-62A anti-ship missile

The Stories Behind The Chinese V-Day Weapons | 21st Century Asian Arms Race

The Historian of the Tiananmen Movement and the June Fourth Massacre – An Interview With Wu Renhua (Part Two of Two) « China Change


Beijing Drum Tower

A Beijing demonstrator blocks the path of a tank convoy along the Avenue of Eternal Peace near Tiananmen Square.

chinese army pla china

Beijing, China - on Nov 22, 2015: A soldier is standing guard at

The ban on women in combat was lifted Jan. 23, 2013. Though 99

Chinese PLA mobile radar 2015

Photo taken on June 5, 1989

Cambodian police officials patrol during a hearing at the Supreme Court in Phnom Penh on Nov

Map of Beijing showing where some of the victims died

Chinese Gaz Tigr 4x4

1906-1908. Port Chalmers Navals. Champion 64-pounder gun detachment, the rangefinder is seen in the centre.

Remember: these are beat cops in Tibet. Patrols of 20+ paramilitaries are standard in China's western territories.

The military is currently testing new gear that would increase coverage of the pelvic area with a set of chaps that clip on at the outside of the leg.

A M1A1-SA Abrams belonging to D Troop, 6th Squadron, 8th Cavalry Regiment

The color guard of the Bolivarian Military Academy of Venezuela marching through Tiananmen Square in Beijing

Integrated EW systems and future war

Lin Biao - On October 1, 1959, Lin Biao, as defense minister,

It is extremely disconcerting to watch as Trump's supporters constantly insist that he's not a fascist or that he doesn't worship totalitarian leaders, ...

Enver Hoxha Propaganda | People's Socialist Republic of Albania (1944 - 1992) | Pinterest | Enver hoxha

A dissident student asks soldiers to go back home; photo taken on June 3, 1989.

Chinese ZBD-09 8x8 105mm

British UN troops advance alongside a Centurion tank, March 1951

BEIJING, CHINA - January 3 2017: Group of Chinese army soldiers in uniform lining

Chinese incursion at LAC worrying Indian military

Top: The Tiananmen 21; Bottom: On CCTV, Zhou Fengsuo captured.

American howitzer pounds retreating Germans near Carentan, France.

Chinese PLZ-05 self-propelled artillery 2015

Impact of Tiananmen Square: Lingering Idealism and Violence-Backed Policy

I didn't just happen to pick a bad day; this is routine. So routine that the government installed huge television screens, ostensibly as tourist marketing ...

Tiananmen Square - June 2, 1989

First Indochina War COLLAGE.jpg

US-led coalition strikes kill pro-regime forces in Syria

BEIJING - CHINA, MAY 2016: Honor guard soldiers at Tiananmen on May 19,

Crew of an M-24 tank along the Nakdong River front, August 1950

Fallen Soldiers Memorial March

American soldiers in Ardennes

China, Beijing, Tian'anmen Square. 18 May 1989. Trucks arrive from

Type 63 APC

beiyang army - Google Search

... a special rum ration is issued to men of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers to mark St Patrick's Day in the Anzio bridgehead, Italy, 17 March

Artillery and Infantry Officers at annual camp, circa 1914.

Protesters surrounding the sculpture of the Goddess of Democracy in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, May 30, 1989.

February 25th, 1952: The Yijiangshan Islands, an island chain close to the Dachen Archipelago is invaded by PLA forces. RoC forces on the island cease to ...

Biden: About six months ago, the president said to me, "Well, at least I make strong decisions, I lead." I said, "Mr. President, look behind you.

Major Xiong Yan (熊焱). Photo credit: RFA.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine is not over, yet. Since the beginning of the year, the SMM has monitored some half a dozen incidents where ceasefire ...

Tiananmen. Nothing happened, according to the Chinese Communist Party.

4 am, 4 June 1989, Tiananmen Square.

Infantry - Infantry of the US 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment enter their M2 Bradley IFV during

A large force of Japanese sailors marching from their ship through the streets of the foreign

Election security anti-riot police officers

Intermediate-range ballistic missile DF-21 drive past the Tiananmen Square during a military

Sons Of Heaven by [Terrence Cheng]

The Chinese astrophysicist Fang Lizhi at home in Beijing, shortly before taking refuge at the US embassy during and after the Tiananmen Square crackdown, ...

People's Liberation Army Ground Force - PLAGF Armored Training Unit

Liu Xiaobo in 1989, second from left.

BEIJING - NOV 8: Soldiers stand guard in Tiananmen area during China's 18th National Congress

Two anti-tank Infantrymen of the 101st Infantry Regiment, dash past a blazing German gasoline trailer in square of Kronach, Germany.

A young Marine private waits on the beach during the Marine landing, Da Nang, 3 August 1965


Hell on Earth

I am a sophomore student so I am about the same age as some people here and some of my classmates also joined the army. So when I see these pictures, ...

British Royal Marines marching across the Falklands. 1982.